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Meet the People Behind the Work

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Continuing the legacy of a military family who values service to humanity, John DePiazza is an Army veteran and West Point graduate with 28 years of active and reserve service. He lives his life guided by the West Point motto, “Duty, Honor, Country” and tries to serve as the “man for others” his Jesuit educators challenged him to be. John also seeks to provide clients with the operational excellence and outstanding client service his UC Davis MBA professors taught him. His experience with special needs trusts, estates, and conservatorships are second to none. John has previously held or currently holds a variety of professional degrees, licenses, and certifications. California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Certified National Guardian, Certified Senior Adviser, and Residential Care for the Elderly Administrator are among those credentials.



Case Manager

Megan O'Neal has been an essential member of the AD Fiduciary family since 2017. Megan graduated from MTI College with a Paralegal Studies Degree. Megan loves to read and has a passion for animals.



Finance Manager

Originally from the Bay Area, Rob Parks serves as a Finance Manager for AD Fiduciary. Rob is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served within the aviation field. He also holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Texas A&M University.

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Case Manager

Prior to joining AD Fiduciary, Anna owned a 6-bed care facility; she is a certified Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) administrator.  Through the daily tasks of the facility, Anna learned how to run the daily operations, assist the residents with their daily living activities and provide the care necessary for the residents to live in a stress-free environment; Anna is also a licensed pharmacy tech, experienced in working with long term care facilities pharmacies. Combining her experience and passion of working with the vulnerable of our society to keep their independence, Anna is coming on as Care Manager.  In this position, she will be managing and coordinating such tasks as scheduling and keeping up with client’s medical needs and appointments, assisting them with daily living tasks such as paying bills, transportation needs, and medicine management.  

In addition to care management, Anna is also taking on the role of case manager for clients as well, rounding out her ability to serve our clients. 

When not at work, Anna loves spending time with family, watching her son grow up and teaching him arts and crafts, going to the movies, and cooking.

Team: Meet the Team
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Assistant Case Manager / Insurance Rep

Julie joined AD Fiduciary after 20 years in the insurance industry; her insurance specialty and focus was Commercial Property & Casualty risks; most recently she was working in commercial transportation (trucking) claims.  Julie has also taught basic computers at a private school in Michigan and has worked in retail and hospitality industries in years past.  


When not at work Julie can be found in the kitchen, cooking and baking, playing with her 10yr old Chiweenie (it’s a dog), or crafting and reading.  Julie will be supporting the AD Fiduciary team with her business and insurance skills. 

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