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Our Work

At AD Fiduciary, we believe communication is vital to the success of our client's desires and aspirations. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in the legal and financial industries. We pride ourselves on offering greater flexibility and a more personal experience than larger corporate fiduciaries, building relationships that allow each client to make the best decisions for their specific situation - whether it's a trust, estates, or conservatorship. As a company that helps clients plan for the future, we recognize the importance of looking ahead. That’s why we recently shifted our own structure, adding a board of directors and expanding our team of experienced professionals. These changes provide additional stability and protection — they reflect our commitment to clients, and enhance our ability to serve them.

Our Fees

Our Fiduciary rate is $165 per hour.

Our Case Manager rate is $105 per hour.

Our charges are in 1/10th of an hour, or 6 minute, increments.

(current rates are subject to change at any time)

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