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Reducing Lonely Feelings Over the Holidays

Seniors an feel lonely over the holidays, especially those that remind us the meaning and importance of family; gathering together to celebrate those we love.

For some, it's a reminder their loved ones are no longer with them. They may have lost someone important to them and that makes for an extremely difficult time. It's a fact, the older we get, the more likely loved ones we've lost stack up and that can be very overwhelming.

There are other reasons, perhaps some you haven't thought about that should be considered as well. The lack of family get-togethers, the feeling one can't fully participate in holiday funtions the way they used to, the inability to get around on your own. All of these are reasons that can lead to isolation and depression. This is not uncommon, in fact, the name for it is the 'holiday blues'.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah are the most common holidays that affect seniors all over the world.

Studies have shown that feelings of loneliness come with health consequences, and interaction with others is crucial to positive emotional health in the elderly population. Pay close attention to those who may be suffering from these feelings this time of the year. Host extra activities such as caroling and parties; perhapsa gift exchange. Social workers and staff are also diligent about noticing mood changes if your loved one lives in an elderly community.

If you live a long distance or have a job that doesn’t allow you to get to your loved ones, you can try to make sure other family and friends who live close by visit or include them in their gatherings. A simple phone call to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving will mean so much. For seniors, conversation on a regular basis is important, not just on Thanksgiving or other holidays.

It is in this spirit that AD Fiduciary's entire staff wishes you and your loved ones a warm Thanksgiving full of the comforts of food and family!



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