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Duty and Honor on Memorial Day

Each year we recognize the men and women who died in service of their country in the armed forces. Its predecessor, Decoration Day, started after the Civil War and was expanded to include World War I and World War II. Congress made Memorial Day a federal holiday in 1971.

This Memorial Day is a day to be particularly thankful. As a veteran-owned company, AD Fiduciary is grateful for the people of this great nation who honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In addition to remembering those who served the United States of America, we would like to honor their families as well.

Veterans are charged with protecting the vulnerable, the abused, the exploited, as well as the able. They perform their duty and uphold the trust of populace, maintaining the integrity of the country they represent. They do it with strength, compassion, duty; an obligation to act for another putting their interests, needs, and benefits ahead of their own.

As a veteran-owned company, we carry that over into our work every single day. It is our duty, our honor, and our fiduciary obligation to act on yours and your loved one's behalf - physically, mentally, spiritually. We bind ourselves to you both legally and ethically.

Our veterans do just that. They put other's needs ahead of their own. They are selfless. Selflessness is, indeed, uncommon. We aspire to be that. Discover what selflessness looks like and what it can look like for you

Take the time to learn from a veteran in your life. Ask them about their journey. Listen to their stories. We could all stand to learn about the meaning of and rewards that come with selflessness. God bless our veterans.



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