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Estate and Person Service

If a person is unable to manage financial or personal matters, it is possible to protect and help them with a conservatorship.

Conservator of the Estate

When someone needs help managing their financial affairs, a court can appoint AD Fiduciary as Conservator of the Estate. We take action to locate, obtain, protect and manage assets, pay bills, make investments, and collect income. Our client’s independence is important. Sometimes it is appropriate for our clients to have pocket money to spend. Some clients can manage their day to day activities so are still able to have coffee with friends or go shopping. When this is not the case a Conservator of the Person may be necessary.

Conservator of the Person Service

Care and compassion for our clients and their families is our main focus. We understand the difficulties of having lost capacity in any way. As surrogate decision maker, we protect and serve our clients as our own family and entertain all avenues possible for improving quality of life.

We have in-depth experience evaluating needs, encouraging independence, and providing opportunities for inclusion in peer activities where possible. Our presence and involvement help our clients stay in their homes longer. These actions are known to delay onset of dementia symptoms in people who are elderly.


The information provided above is from the perspective of a professional fiduciary and is not intended to be construed as legal advice. If you have questions regarding your estate plan, you should consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.